Tornagrain Development Approaching Readiness

A new town set to eventually house around 10,000 people is approaching readiness in Tornagrain. Situated near Inverness airport, between Inverness and Nairn, the 586 acre development will eventually contain around 5,000 homes, with around a quarter of these classed as affordable housing. The housing will be comprised of a mix of one-bedroom flats and two, three and four-bedroom houses. The development will also contain a secondary school and leisure facility, four separate neighbourhood centres with nearby commercial units, police, fire and ambulance stations and a health centre. Commercial units will have a focus on locally-owned businesses, with a large supermarket situated centrally in order to direct footfall towards these establishments. In addition, the development is set to contain almost 80 hectares of parks and open spaces, three primary schools and one secondary school.

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