Whether a company is big or small, already exporting or entirely new to exporting there is support in place to maximise its business potential.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise can offer a range of support in partnership with Scottish Development International (SDI). SDI offer a Smart Exporter programme which encompasses free practical advice and support to guide a potential exporter through every step – from researching potential export markets, to finding the best routes to market and overcoming challenges to accessing finance and setting up overseas.

HIE can offer further guidance to its account managed businesses on trading in global markets through strategic planning advice, funding towards research of foreign markets, and initiatives including the Preparing to Export Programme.

Expanding a business into overseas trading can bring many business benefits:

  • Increased sales by tapping into new and niche markets, reaching new customers.
  • Increased profits through higher margins from economies of scale.
  • Reduced risk of local market dependence.
  • Growing a business faster as there is overall much greater scope for growth in international markets
  • Minimising the effects of seasonal sales fluctuations.
  • Becoming more innovative by exploiting technology and expertise in foreign markets.
  • Improved competitiveness through exposure to international best practices and smarter ways of doing business.